Welcome to MoodApp

What is MoodApp?
MoodApp allows every company to get instant feedback from their employees. The HR team creates questions they want to pose to the employees and the employees respond on an iPad as they walk out the door in the evening.

MoodApp was designed and built by Atlassian to capture employee feedback. MoodApp allowed Atlassian employees to provide feedback to daily, and gave the company the opportunity to respond and adapt immediately if there was a problem brewing.

What do I need?
1) a cheap iPad, and
2) (optionally) an iPad stand or iPad wall mount

How do I start?
1) Mount an iPad near the office door
2) Sign up for a free MoodApp account
3) Create a survey and a location
4) Link the iPad your account (click the iPad to the right for an example)
5) Sit back and watch employee or customer feedback flow in!

Nicholas Muldoon